When it comes to finding and hiring the very best talent for your executive team, are you making the safe choice or the right choice?

When your choice is Reilly Partners, you can trust you’re getting both. We are a boutique executive search firm, bringing high touch, bespoke executive search services designed to deliver top tier talent and excellent long-term results to your businesses.

“The best available candidate is rarely the best candidate.”
– Robert E. Reilly, Jr., CEO and Founder

About Us

Founded by a team of industry veterans in 2005, we are experts at helping our clients identify, select and inspire the exceptional leaders your business requires to succeed. We partner with top businesses and organizations across industries to deliver unmatched expertise and meaningful results. We are more than recruiters – we are your partners. We’re fueled by relationships and connections that lead to your success. This is why our clients rely on us to deliver the highest caliber talent. Anyone can fill a seat, but only a partner will find the right person. It’s right there in our name.

Our Approach

Focused, specialized, no conflicts

We believe executive search firms are most effective when they are focused and specialized and we have developed that expertise within a range of industries and functions. We understand how to engage and attract the kind of leaders you need to drive positive results for your company. We value experience yet are not blinded by it. We are always looking forward. That’s the new way to search – it’s just not new to us.

We have made the conscious decision to limit the work we do within any industry vertical, ensuring unobstructed access to the talent you need.


Average completion of less than 90 days


97% of search assignments have been successfully completed


51% of candidates have been diversity placements and/or females


The data generated over the course of a search is valuable. We share it.


Over 90% of our work is repeat business. Our customers stay with us.


New capital, technology and ways of thinking are creating disruption everywhere. Our thorough, data-driven process means we won’t miss out on anyone – even emerging leaders.


This is search as it has always been done at its best: quiet conversations with people who are in the know. We utilize our years of experience to access deep networks of industry leaders and influencers to identify who should (and shouldn’t) be on our radar.

Our Services

Executive Search

Executive Assessment

Board Consulting

Private Equity Leadership

Family Business Practice

Our Team


Robert E. Reilly Jr


Jaxon Reilly


Ryan M. Laughlin


Liam Lawrence


Kaila Bailey


Jenn Martinez


Steven N. Wood

Our Philosophy

Reilly Partners puts culture first by being a genuine environment where we honor our commitment to clients and colleagues by doing exactly what we say we’re going to do.  Furthermore, Reilly Partners gives each team member the freedom to bring their complete, unvarnished selves to the workplace without any pretense. Because of this, our team truly works together to deliver the best work on behalf of our clients.

We are able to set ourselves apart from our competition by allowing anyone and everyone, regardless of title or role, to contribute to solving problems for our clients and the overall business of our firm. Ideas are allowed to flow freely while management leverages the opportunity to teach allowing junior members of our team to learn while understanding that their voice and development matters.

Our commitment to diversity: diversity of perspective makes organizations more effective, more creative, and more profitable, and we believe diversity in the workplace should reflect the reality of our global landscape. As such, Reilly Partners is committed to encouraging diversity and inclusion in the workplace for ourselves as well as for our clients. We recognize that company culture is crucial to the success of any business, and this is an integral part of our universal approach to retained search.




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